Diamond in the rough

So this little gem is the find of the week so far, and you have no idea how excited I am!  When my mom built her new home & moved, I assumed she took the desk I had a child with her…WRONG…she apparently sold it in one of her famous garage sales that she has from time to time.  I was heartbroken, well, I let her think that 🙂  Anyway, during one of my little thrift store stops, I ran across this one.  It is exactly the same one I had from childhood, except for the “oddly appointed” knobs someone put there in place of the originals.  I didn’t care!  I snatched this up as quickly as I could and off I went smiling from ear to ear.  Luckily, I found vintage replacement knobs and will be putting them in their rightful place.  My delimia, however, is which color I want to upcycle this in.  Black, antique white, navy, red?  As soon as I decide and get started I’ll share pics.  As for now, I’m just sharing the original and how amazing this little jewel will look once completely refinished!


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