Orchids! Ahhhhhh……

I love orchids!  Not only are they pretty, but they add a little “extra” to any room.  They smell lovely and put me in an instant good mood.  Every home should have an orchid (or 5).   They have a reputation of being difficult to care for, but in reality, they’re pretty darn easy.  These are my tips for growing and keeping an orchid healthy.

  1. Make sure it’s in a place with no direct light.  It needs indirect light, so a table or countertop is an idea place.
  2. When watering, make sure not to drench the leaves or leave water in between them.  If this happens be sure to remove the water.  This will eventually cause them to rot.
  3. Let it dry between waterings.  If the bark is dry, then water.  If not, wait a couple days and check again.
  4. Make sure the water drains completely out of the pot.  Never leave them in sitting water.
  5. If the leaves start to turn yellow or show signs of rot, hold off watering for a couple weeks.
  6. You can feed your orchid with orchid food.  I use Miracle Grow for Orchids.  This is especially important during growth phases.

Mine are thriving and growing like crazy.  If you see that the blooms are becoming too heavy for the stem, you can buy a support that inserts into the plant and keeps it upright.  Secure the orchid to the support with clips and you’re good to go.


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