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I was browsing through my pictures and came across this one of Natalie at Easter.  I was so busy the few weeks leading up to Easter Sunday, that I hadn’t gotten her dress.  So, Saturday night, at the 11th hour, I ran upstairs and had this cute pink & white striped seersucker fabric, some trim & ribbon and, thankfully, the dress pattern.  This dress was made in record time!  Of course, I had to throw it on the embroidery machine for a monogram & I was pretty pleased with how it turned out.  So, not only was this a quarter of the cost of buying one, it was just as cute and she wore it all summer!  Much more versatile than those “frilly” things we all see everywhere :).  I think I’m going to have to make this year’s dress as well.



Hello world!

Well here it is!  After much contemplation I’ve decided to do this “blog” thing.  I’m still not sure how a full time working mother with an extremely active 8 year old daughter and a husband who travels quite a bit for work, has the time to do this.   After all, it’s just a “blog”, right? LOL!   All I know is that this is the only way I can keep my sanity and still be somewhat productive creatively 🙂

I decided to do this blog for many reasons.  Throughout the years I’ve been inspired to do things for various reasons, but when I really think of what really drove my creative side, I think of my grandmother, my Mema.  Many of my inspirations come from my her, but my mother and great grandmother had a heavy hand in inspiring me to do certain things as well.  We were four generations of estrogen that dared to be reckoned with!  My mother-in-law has also been an influence on me, which she’s probably completely unware of.  So much of what we do, especially me, comes from how we grew up and what we grew up doing.  This blog is an eclectic mix of new and old, from sewing/embroidery, to recipes, furniture upcycling and fun craft and organizational ideas. I personally cannot get enough of that stuff.  I always learn new things from friends & family that I am always wanting to apply to my life in some form or fashion.

I hope you find something that interests you, inspires you or just makes you laugh, oh, and feel free to contact me anytime!


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