Coffee Table Makeover

A lot has happened since my last post!  Where to begin…the hubs got transferred so we sold our house and bought one all in the same week and are getting ready to pack up and move a few hours away.  This house we bought is going to be one big work in progress so I should have lots of fun makeovers and remodeling activities to share.  I haven’t had much of a chance to even get on here much until now.  We are moving in a couple weeks but before we do I have lots to take care of and this little project I completed was just one of the things on my list.

So, I picked up this little gem at an antique store for $22.50.  Solid wood with a leather inlay.  I wanted something different in place of the enormous ottoman we had in our great room, so I thought why not give this a try so I did.  sanded it pretty well with both 180 & 110 grit.  After, I used a tack cloth to clean up all the dust.  Then taped off the inside of the leather and started painting.  I ended up with a couple coats.  After it dried, I sanded again, this time just to create the look I was going for, then applied the stain.  I wiped it on with a sponge tip brush and wiped it off with an old cloth.  You can make the stain as deep or as light as you like.  I used Minwax Wood-sheen in Rosewood.  It’s extremely easy to work with, and Voila!  This old piece has now been transformed into a new one with a little more character.


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